Friday, July 2, 2010

Thing #7 Video Sources -

I like It reminds me of a source I have used to show students animals in the wild called Africam. A lot of my students see elephants and make connections with the zoo. This clips show the animals in their natural habitats which can be used throughout the curriculum (ex. writing about the clips, social interaction between species, habitats and adaptations of animals, etc.).


  1. Great video. I am wondering about the comments you get from students that see elephants outside the zoo environment when you've used Africam.

  2. Surprisingly enough, one of the first things they ask about is why it is dark when it is daytime in Houston. It gives me a chance to tell them about the time zone differences. They like to see the different types of animals interact with each other (when I taught kindergarten they liked friendly play but in third grade they like "battles"). I think they are expecting a person to come feed the animals and realize that living in the wild is totally different. Thanks for asking.