Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thing #9 - Slideshare

Slideshare would be very useful for students to as its own website states, "share ideas, connect with others....". Students will find others with common interest that can provide feedback and additional information on their topic of interest. They can take their created slideshows and embed them onto our class website for all to see. It also has a voiceover feature to allow them to narrate their content. This will help them with their public speaking skills. Slideshare also has groups for various topics that students can join and interact with those who share common interests. Slideshare does a nice job of dividing content by categories, including education. Slideshare allows sharing presentations with the public or private sharing so that students can share with each other in a safe capacity. After reading, the article comparing the different websites for sharing Powerpoint presentations, I think it is clear that each has its strengths and areas in need of improvement. Slideshare is free, is easy to use and is student-friendly. Therefore, it will be a useful tool for students to show their knowledge using technology and to gain feedback from others with similar interests/knowledge.

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