Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thing #7 Video Sources - Hulu

We study animal life cycles during science instruction. I like this video I found on The downside to Hulu is the advertisements (one I saw was about Las Vegas and not really kid-appropriate in my opinion). Also, students cannot search Hulu because while their are some educational videos, there is also some adult content.

Frog Life Cycle -- powered by


  1. Good point on not allowing the students to search for videos. However, this is something you and other teachers could use to enhance teaching.

  2. I agree MJ. I wish there was a way to allow the students to search only age appropriate material but even in places they try to censor inappropriate subject matter (ex. on the Spring Branch ISD web page there is a link to creative commons but the filter does not always catch suggestive material such as we were doing a project on Spain and creative commons showed some people in little attire) students are subjected to non-elementary school materials. I struggle with my desire to let them explore and create on the internet versus what they may find that they should not see.