Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tool #2

I really enjoy reading and commenting on other blogs. I always find at least some useful information and often times a critical component to improve my own teaching skills. I was taught very early in my teaching career by my mentor to take a little of each teacher you interact with and shape it into your own style. Participating in a PLN is vital to add things that may never have come into your mind otherwise. Points that stood out to me from commenting was the common theme of motivating students. Tara presented an excellent video by a student presenting to teachers in Dallas. This student was eloquent charismatic and had the teachers in the palm of his hand. His future teachers have a big responsibility to foster his excellent public speaking skills as well as his heart. We also have this moral responsibility to do this for each and every student and to block out any distraction in our own professional as well as personal lives. I am open to sharing my thoughts but I am protective of my thoughts against the "Darth Bloggers" of the world as mentioned in this tool. I take criticism very harshly often to the point that it will bring me down and I need to put this aside and keep going like I do in the classroom. It is different to share thoughts on blogs as opposed to with teammates because the tone is easier to read in person. Also, you have a closer professional relationship most of the time with your teammates and a common interest in bettering students' lives. Responding to blogs requires tact and writing in a way that prevents misunderstanding or undue/harsh criticism. I always think back when I wrote an e-mail to a friend in college which they totally took in a way I did not mean and how that made them feel. I have tried to choose my wording carefully in the 20+ years since that experience. A blog I plan to use in the future is called Free Technology for Teachers. I want students to have access to as many tools as possible but cannot afford nor do I expect the school/district to pay for applications for the computers/I touch's. This blog presented several different applications which I found useful and I am sure will continue to do so.

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