Friday, July 6, 2012

Tool #3

Visit several of the video hosting/streaming sites mentioned above. Share with your readers which sites you found most useful for your content and why. I have been a fan of Teacher Tube because I feel the videos are more relevant to educational purposes and are less likely to contain spam or inappropriate material. I am more likely to find curriculum material and have been successful in finding engaging videos across the curriculum. Discovery Education has been a useful video site for years especially when students are researching science or social studies projects. For example, students have frequently found useful information about animals and planets when researching those topics. They also used the site to determine why Pluto was no longer a planet (this bugged them to no end and I loved watching them debate why it should or should not be a planet). Using any of the video resources mentioned above, find and select two videos that may be useful resources in your classroom. Here are two videos I will use in the classroom. The first one, from Discovery Education, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie is great for demonstrating repeated cause and effect actions.

The second video, from Brainpop discusses strategies for good reading skills. The characters are entertaining to the students and a quiz is available for students to take after the video concludes:

Articulate what you learned about copyright and fair use. What was new to you?

I learned that certain criteria allow for copyrighted items to be used.  I also confirmed that attribution is essential for fair use of works when permitted by the creator.  I learned that copyright lasts past a person's life time and passes on to their family.

Create a Dropbox account and add some files to it  How could you use this tool in your classroom?

Since Dropbox can be used on any computer/i touch/i pad, it is a great tool for research projects for my students.  Students can go to designated websites or photo sharing sites to create technology projects, research ideas and demonstrate understanding of the curriculum.  It allows teachers to give students freedom to explore while protecting them from spyware and inappropriate material which is always a concern for me.

If you Give a Mouse Video

Brainpop Video


  1. Did you try to embed your videos? If you aren't sure how, I can help with that. That way, the videos are part of the blog and the kids can view them right there. Just something to think about!

  2. I did try to embed the videos and actually embeded the book in Tool #5 but for some reason I was unable to embed these two which I wanted to do. I would like help so I can see why I did not embed correctly. Thanks.