Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tool #7

Objective: Students will follow, analyze and discuss the presidential election.

This project will go on throughout the year including students' thoughts on the key issues, debates, the election itself and reflection following the election on why a candidate emerged victorious and why other candidates were not elected.  Students will also discuss the electoral process: how it works, is it fair and potential alternatives.  Students will also debate how can children impact the process even though they are ineligible to vote due to age.  Students will use edmodo, Skype, VoiceThread, Wallwisher, Google Docs and more.  

I have posted a message on the SBISD edmodo page to find other classrooms in the district interested in collaborating with our classrooms.  I am also attempting to locate other classes in different states through teachers I know.  I will also post a project on, OneWorldClassrooms or iEarn to find partners for this project.

On a separate note, I am also interested in having students exchange ideas about the types of books they like to read and will use similar programs as listed above to do so.


  1. I've used Edmodo extensively with kids talking about books. Don't forget to include me in your book discussions!

  2. I saw your message! I hope some other teachers will reply! I'll keep it in mind as I work with other 3rd grade teachers across the district! Maybe you could even collaborate with a middle or high school classroom!

  3. Thats sounds great. My only concern about collaboration with older students is that it may make it intimidating for my students whose writing skills are still developing and may become hesitant to take part but I will certainly keep it in mind. I am in touch with a friend in Ohio who has reached out to an elementary school so I am also hoping for participation from a class up north.