Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tool #6 Part 2

Mr. Allen's edmodo page

Edmodo is a useful tool for sharing videos and conversations.  It is also a valuable place to obtain information about SBISD or share ideas with local teachers.  I like that students only need a code to use the program.  Students will be able to exchange ideas as well as ask questions to their classmates and teachers.  This will help hesitant students gain information about similar questions they may have had as well.

Skype has been an effective tool for communicating with people in other countries.  For the past two years, we have video conferenced with teachers in the country we chose for Multicultural Awareness Week (Israel and Australia).  Students really enjoyed asking questions about the similarities and differences of kids their age in different places/cultures.  I also plan to use this to find experts on subjects (ex. authors, scientists, etc.).

Voice Thread is an interesting way to present reports.  I would use this to students do a book report.  It would also be an interesting way to present a biography or a science project for which pictures bring it to life.

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