Friday, June 18, 2010

Thing #2 Wordsift

birth brought civil come conceived created dead dedicate
dedicated detract devotion that died endure field final fought freedom and full gave god government great hallow increased larger liberty life little
living long man measure nation new
nobly person place portion proper remaining remember resolve score seven
take task unfinished us that war world

This is my Wordsift that I created by pasting the Gettysburg Address into the program. Similar to the Wordle, this program would be great for identifying main ideas of compositions as well as being useful for summarizing passages. I think I may use this at the beginning of the year to have students tell about themselves (ex. Mr. Allen teacher father husband, etc.).


  1. Which one did you like better, wordle or word sift? I keep going back to wordle myself.

  2. I prefer Wordle. The positioning of the words is more artistic and colorful (I know that sounds strange but it is more appealing to my eyes). I would definitely want students to try both and see how they like it. As I said up above, I want students to use these programs to describe themselves after I model it to them.

  3. Just remember that Wordsift is a visual thesaurus and works better with text instead of a list of words like Wordle.