Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thing #5 Facebook and Twitter

I feel very comfortable with this thing since I have been on facebook for a couple of years. I have not used twitter much, but I am familiar with the concept. Twitter makes me apprehensive because I am not a fan of these short messages. I feel misunderstandings are more likely to occur and grammar is sacrificed. My uncle, a senior partner of a manhattan law firm, taught me the importance of using proper English to gain respect of others. I was required to read and use Strunk and White like a bible as it pertains to correct grammar. I am worried today's students will not realize the importance of correct grammar and their writing will suffer. I do like the idea of using Twitter during meetings to ask a subtle question to a presenter. Maybe I am getting old because I feel Twitter is a "slang machine".

I have used Facebook in many ways both professionally and personally. I use it to keep up with the important events in SBISD as well as my church. I have also gotten back in touch with friends and colleagues from the past. There are many applications I have used for specific subject matter for my classroom. I learned more about Norway during multi-cultural awareness week, found information about weather, used an interesting word game to learn new vocabulary, etc.

I think it is important to use Facebook and Twitter to relate to today's student. This is the way they communicate. Writing a letter and sending it through the mail is not the way of today's youth. My students give me credibility when I can converse with them in subjects such as using Facebook and Twitter which in turn makes them more likely to demonstrate respect and focus in the classroom.


  1. Way to go Mr. Allen. Using the tools of the 'time' that the kids are familiar with, is a great way to gain their 'respect' and desire to listen to you.

  2. One of my favorite expressions that I say to me wife is that when I say something that my students thinks is cool, I gain "third grade cred". I used to teach kindergarten and "kindergarten cred had a nicer ring to it don't you think?