Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thing #2 Animoto

Create your own video slideshow at

This is the animoto slideshow I created from my family camping trip. Animoto does a nice job with adapting the pace of the slideshow with the music. I feel it is limited compared to other slideshow programs. I have not figured out how to perform a voiceover on each picture. The music compilation is limited and the maximum time allowed for free is 30 seconds. In my opinion, most teachers have limited funding available for these types of programs and rely heavily on free technology applications. Students can use this program to focus on visual imagery as a means of demonstrating understanding of the curriculum. For example, if a student was doing a project about the plant life cycle, they could take photographs outside their school, download them and use them in a animoto video slideshow. It can be useful, I just believe there are better slideshow programs that allow students a greater range of creative production.

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