Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thing #2 Voki

Here is my Voki Avatar. If I received a Voki in an e-mail, I would be highly likely to read it since it is eye-catching. The voice module is great for conveying messages. If you use your own voices, intonation and tone can help prevent misunderstandings that may occur is someone writes an e-mail in plain text. I know, on occasion, I have not been 100 percent sure of someone's meaning in an e-mail where hearing his/her voice would have been highly beneficial.

Get a Voki now!


  1. I like your voki I just don't know how to make it talk. I agree with the lack of affect on email. sometimes it sounds like people are angry and the aren't.I would like to see more skype and podcasting used.

  2. I, too, agree with you about email. For people who are close-by, that's an opportunity to get out of our chairs and go talk to them face to face. I may need to be reminded of that!

  3. If you hit the play button, it should speak about two sentences. I just tried skype (I spoke to my sister in England) and I love it. I think it would be great to use with other schools all over the world. We have a multi-cultural festival which I would love to contact a school in Israel (third-grade's chosen country) to interact with.