Friday, June 25, 2010

Thing #4 Teacher Tube Videos

I took a humorous video I created for students at my school and added it to teacher tube. The advantage to a resource like teacher tube is that you have available ideas from teachers around the country (and probably other countries as well). Teachers, like students, have areas that they need improvement and I always look to others for help in my areas of need. When I try to explain a concept to my students and I find some struggle with it, I will bring in another member of the school community to explain it a different way. These videos can be researched by subject matter and I love the fact that teachers had to review my video before it was placed on the site. That gives me great trust in the safety of its use for my students.

It would also be great to put students' products (with parental/guardian permission of course) on the site. Students deserve and love recognition and posting their products shows their worth and builds self-confidence. Also, often times a student's perspective is easier for other students to relate to.

I think this would be a great way to share with schools that may be working on a particular subject. For example, we will be presenting information to other classes at our school about Israel as part of multi-cultural awareness week. I will search for videos that might provide information on this subject. I also believe teachers/students may have useful videos for use to view in math (ex. multiplication), science (ex. plant life cycles), language arts (ex. reading comprehension strategies) and social studies (ex. Harriet Tubman or Helen Keller).

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