Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thing #21

It was great to learn about audacity and photostory. I had practiced using photostory during the summer PBL program. The students really enjoyed putting together projects as did I. My first challenge was getting my photographs transferred from my Mac computer over to my PC. E-mailing them took too much space. So I used one of our other technology sources, Flickr CC, and downloaded my photographs. I then logged on to photostory and imported those photographs. I put them in order, added writing to each picture, voiced audio through my microphone and finalized the presentation. The volume can be heard through earphones on my PC but I would need external speakers to hear the presentation without them.

My biggest challenge which took quite some time was to transfer the photostory to my blog. I followed the steps listed on 23 things and for several attempts, the video would not link. Finally, after making sure I saved it as a wmv file and slowly taking each step, it worked. I liked the final product but that frustration level was the highest of all the 23 things technology I have used. I am glad it was during the summer while I was not in school so I could figure out the problem. The blog help link was not much help at all giving very generic and limited advice. The comments from the 23 things users were much more helpful.


  1. Several others have had the same problem with photostory. Don't know exactly what that means, but you are not alone. I'm glad you finally figured it out, though. I just hate it when things won't work! This is supposed the be easy!

  2. It was a good challenge but it can be frustrating when you are doing things exactly as they instruct you to and are still not getting results. I know one of the supplies I will want to purchase for my students are microphone headphones for the computers for recording photostories. Does the district "supply store" sell those?