Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thing #13

I love the delicious website. It solves my problem when I find cool things on my home computer and rather then send them to my school e-mail address, I can now put them on the delicious website. I also think it will be great to see what my colleagues are bookmarking as social bookmarking can be an extremely effective way of finding new resources. The key will be for teachers to use effective tags to make such resources easy to locate by their peers. I can list each of my students on my network on and they can use the tags (ex. fractions, math, etc.) to work on things at home or at school. I think this would be an extremely effective tool when doing research projects like finding interesting information on plant life cycles or different types of animals.

I thought Furl and Digg were decent websites too, but they were not quite as expansive in possible uses by students as delicious was. Magnolia was not operable and is expected to be back up later this year. I do like the way Furl allows a user to highlight information and save it just in case it is not still on the internet at a later date. This is also a useful way to find information that may have been difficult to locate.

I tagged several math websites on that I used throughout the school year. I really like how the site lists the tags and how many times each tag is used. That will show me my tendencies/patterns of labeling websites and give me an easy way to create a system of managing my tags while conserving much needed time.


  1. Delicious is, indeed, a wonderful tool. We just need to educate others about it and make it something our community will access and utilize!

  2. I have been thinking about the idea of setting up a delicious acount that my students could log-on at home. This would save the hastle of having to write down certain websites in their planners or emailing all the parents to tell them of a good website. I like this idea.