Monday, July 13, 2009

Topic #10

Custom Baseball Jersey -

I made this on

Cool huh. I tried to make an animation of myself on my webface but unfortunately, that program is not compatible with my mac at home. I will try again when I am on my PC.

I made this Star Wars comic strip on

I would use these online image generators to have students present information on a subject (ex. historical figures) in an unusual and interesting way. For example, they could create a comic strip where animated figures (like Darth Vader above) provide educational information about curriculum-related subject matter. Darth Vader could talk about how he has visited all the planets and briefly describe each one. Students could use the Wordle feature to describe a subject matter (ex. things to remember when interviewing a subject for the school newspaper). When a teacher finds a useful way to use these image generators, they can post their experiences on a wiki page for the faculty to see and use as they see fit.

I tried writing a poem in the image chef word mosaic. The problem is the words appear randomly and therefore I find it to be a more effective tool for ideas moreso than thoughts in sentence/poetic form.


  1. You will be amazed at what the kids come up with for these tools, too. As creative as we adults think we are, the kids are always better!
    I'm glad you are finding things to use and reasons to use them. Can't wait to see what your kids do next year.

  2. Don't turn all your kids to the dark side of the force. We will still need some jedis to keep order.

  3. Jedis are important but Darth Vader had a lot more fun (he never got stuck in a trash compactor). Besides in crunch time, Darth Vader saw the light and did the right thing (albeit after many years of terror) LOL.