Friday, July 10, 2009

Thing #6

This has been the most interesting "thing" yet. I love exploring new application I have not had a lot of experience with. It was fun to look at photos of many different colors in Flickr color pickr (say that three times fast). I would love for students to use Mosaic Maker to create a Mosaic based on a Texas or other Social Studies theme (ex. pictures from a historical time period). I would also like students to use the mappr to take photos from flickr and incorporate them on some type of a map (ex. the United States or Texas). I would have to say my favorite application is Big Huge labs, which is really many different applications. I liked the mosaic maker as previously discussed, making puzzles, magazine covers, trading cards, movie posters, Warholizers (Andy Warhol) and mapmakers. I think it will be easy to use these applications in social studies and science and I think it will be an interesting challenge to use them in language arts and mathematics. Maybe when students are writing a story, they can attach a series of photographs and create a mosaic. Or maybe when they are doing math, they could use a mosaic of pictures to demonstrate fractions (ex. slices of pie, pizza, etc.). I just finished making a trading card and I think one of the first projects in August with my new class will be for each student to download a photo and make a trading card about his or her self to introduce themselves to their new classmates/teacher. UPDATE: The trading card I had created and inserted on my blog did not open the next day. I will have to check if that is a result of the program or something else. I still like the trading card feature and think it will be interesting for students to use during the first week of class as an introductory tool to each other as well as to the technology we will be using.


  1. Share your trading card, please! We'd love to see it!

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  3. I just downloaded the trading card again. Hopefully, this time it will remain on the blog. Otherwise, I may have to figure out what is causing the technical issue.