Monday, July 13, 2009

Topic #9

I find both Topix and Technorati easy to use and filled with a lot of useful condensed information. I have placed both on my Google reader page. Syndic8 is a little overwhelming and I am not a big fan of the page layout as it seems random and difficult to find information quickly. Edublogs award winners is useful for new ideas because their are so many differing viewpoints/perspectives and those blogs seem very well thought out. The Cool Cat Teacher blog is a little unusual in that it is philosophical in nature. The Circle of the Wise is an interesting and unusual perspective. I am trying to learn how to be a better listener (it is a work in progress, but I am improving I think), and I thought the Circle of the Wise article broke down the roles of different types of bloggers/people in groups very well. I have always spoken a lot, not so much to be an egotist, but due to my insecurities (especially as a child) and to validate my worth to the group. As I mentioned previously, I really think I will be able to add a lot more to my Google Reader once I ascertain my students' needs for the school year (I have used last year's group to start my Google Reader, but every student is different and comes with new knowledge and different needs for maximizing learning.

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  1. Mr. Allen,
    I totally agree with your comment regarding Syndic8. I too found it very random and difficult to find the information I needed. I didn't add it to my Google Reader either. Goodl luck getting through all your "things"! I have to have mine finished for grad school by August 5!
    Amanda Maslonka