Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thing #19

I explored many of the different Web 2.0 award winning websites and was pleased to find several of the sites we have already explored were award winners. Listed under the mapping applications, I liked the community walk program. It allowed me to find locations on the map, draw routes and edit the map for my use. It also allowed me to make my map public, limit access to those I choose or make it a private map. I would use this program to show students how to use maps (ex. locate Woodview Elementary School), how to edit them for their own use and have them compare today's maps with those from the past. The program also allows you to download your map to a web page or blog. Again, because it is a website, students with computers at home can practice using it which bridges the learning at school with the learning at home (unfortunately, not all students have computers at home and therefore they might need additional opportunities to use computers at school).

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