Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thing # 17

I am very excited about using rollyo to help my students with their research. It is a great tool for preventing "information overload" which results in less research being performed. I like the video about rollyo and used it to create my own searchroll. I wanted to create a search roll for plant life cycle. I started by creating my searchroll and adding websites I found useful lastyear such as brainpop and the elementary school encyclopedia found on SBISD's library resource page. Next, I explored other peoples' searchrolls and found a great video on the plant life cycle. I will add additional websites before the project and I love how it limits their research to those websites. I wish their were not ads listed in the results but I understand rollyo has to fund its site. I am still concerned about searches on this website because when I entered the word "plants" listings for "implants" also were listed.

Below is the link to my rollyo searchroll.


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