Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thing #8

I like RSS and readers for their instantaneous information without clutter. I also like the feature that allows you to read the title and first few lines only for quick searches. In my school life this could be useful during a rocket launch, a serious weather situation, quick updates on news in SBISD, relevant news stories for subject matter being covered, etc. In my personal life, I can use it for sports scores, weather updates, etc. I find this program useful in allowing students to explore news/educational items with limited distractions and minimal chance of inappropriate material coming through.

My google page is public and can be found at Click on the link reader at the top to see my google reader page. I will categorize my links once I have more. Once the school year starts, the types of links I will add will become more evident.

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  1. Readers do save tons of time and allow for all sorts of flexibility. There are just so many ways to use one!