Monday, July 20, 2009

Thing #16

I have become a big fan of Wiki pages this summer. I was introduced to them during a summer school pilot program (PBL - Problem Based Learning) which introduces 3rd, 4th and 5th graders to a number of new technology resources (hardware and software). Our group of 11 students used the Wiki to communicate with each other, critique and edit each other's ideas and to show their projects. As I mentioned in the SBISD sandbox, I will definitely use a classroom Wiki page to allow students to give their views on academic subjects, to create an online newspaper similar to the hard copy school newspaper we created last year, and as a place for students to show their work.

After watching the PB Works video, I was reminded I can add new pages to the main page. My plan is to create a classroom page for everyone to share and have links to each student's individual page where they can show their work on a page entirely devoted to themselves. That way, they learn about collaborative efforts as well as having the ability to express their individuality. Insert plug ins are awesome and are very easy to do. I believe they will be extremely useful in displaying photo and video projects.

I am making a concerted effort to make comments after each thing. I am still hesitant due to a fear that I may inadvertently upset someone due to a misunderstanding. But I realize people like feedback as do I so I need to step out of the shadows and be heard (I am much better at this face to face but online it is a struggle for me).


  1. I can't wait to see what your wikis turn out to be! I agree that the kids will enjoy having their own "page". Please remember to share them with all of us at WVE!
    As far as commenting goes, just give it your best shot. Write what you are thinking, then reread to make certain that nothing you've written could be taken a different way. Go with your gut-feeling. As long as you are careful, you shouldn't hurt anyone's feelings.
    Good luck!

  2. Thanks. I have appreciated all your comments and have used them as a guide for my own. I am very excited about using all the new technology at WVE. It's going to be a great year.