Monday, July 20, 2009

Thing #15

The video made by the students at Kansas State University (the e-mail says ksu so I believe it is from that school) was very interesting and puts time management into perspective. It made me realize how little information I remember from my teachings in college. Most of my knowledge from that time period came from hands-on experience such as interviewing news-worthy subjects, reporting on radio and television, writing copy, editing tape, etc.

Web 2.0 Where will the next generation Web take libraries - what I really liked about this article is the following quote, "The first traces of Web 2.0 are already appearing. Consider the roaring success of sites that embody Web 2.0 principles of simplicity, rich interactivity, user participation, collective intelligence, self-service, novel and remixed content—Flickr, MySpace, FaceBook,, YouTube, LibraryThing—to name a few." It is all about students participation through the use of technology. Woodview has added a lot of new technological devices which will transition our library from a place to acquire new knowledge through books and periodicals to a place that has these things and is a technology center that allows students learning through rich interactivity, participation and many other ways that may have been limited or non-existent in the past. I think that it would be such a different experience if I went to college now. My third graders have so many growth opportunities through programs such as those found on 23 Things that there is no telling what the future holds.

I really liked what one of the students said in the video on Thing #15. The job/career I will have when I graduate from college does not even exist yet.

Away from the "icebergs" - I think the Just in Case collection point is right in that students need access to many different types of digitial collections. But with so many different types of learners, what may be a Just in Case to some students may be vital learning materials to others. However, since I work in the classroom, I am not familiar with what types of materials might be considered "just in case". I find them useful and I am not sure how many of our materials would fall under this category. The Reliance on user education is right on point in that technology materials should be easy to use with minimal or no training. Otherwise, some people may be reluctant to use them. I always think about others who are not as excited or intimidated by the new technology and wonder how can they be made to feel more comfortable using it. The "come to us" model of library service point touches on a pivotal issue, transitioning to the demands of the marketplace or in our case the classroom/library.

Into a new world of librarianship - shows the vital need for a constantly-changing, growing and fluid environment. In Librarian 2.0, it is important to acquire new technology, not for the sake of having it, but for its relevance in growth of the students, the faculty and the library itself. Librarian 2.0 will help transition the school environment from a lecture-centered environment to a learner centered environment where the students are responsible for their learning and the teacher/librarian acts as a facilitator.

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