Friday, July 10, 2009

Thing #7

I have created a igoogle profile page at the following link:

It is an interesting link, but it took a little while to remove unwanted applications such as those inappropriate for children. I would be more likely to convey information to my students through this blog but might have them use Google for research if it is properly protected by Spring Branch to prevent them access to non-educational material.

Google Earth is great. I love the feature where you can look at a map from different times. I looked at a satellite view of Niceville, Florida, where I went to high school from 1994 to the present and the development was interesting to see. I can see this program as a great way for students to view Houston over time. I explored the Grand Canyon and the ocean and found that this program will be tremendous for our study of landforms, our studies of ocean life (the Cousteau ocean world provides great video) and the creation of historical timelines.

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  1. I love Google Earth! For all the reasons you said and more. Keep the other google applications in mind and maybe something will click for another way to use one of them sometime in the future. Keep playing!